Test Status
      (A) Cookies
      (B) Cache
      (C) Database
      (D) Global variable
      (A) HTMLForms
      (B) Webforms
      (C) Winforms
      (A) To separate different sections of a page in to different files
      (B) To merge HTML layout and code in to One file
      (C) To separate HTML Layout and code to different file
      (D) To ignore HTML usage
      (A) Page_Load
      (B) Event Handling
      (C) Page_Init
      (D) Page_Unload
      (A) LinkCounter
      (B) Counter
      (C) AdRotator
      (D) File Access
      (A) DataRelationship
      (B) DataRelation
      (C) DataConstraint
      (D) Datakey
      (A) Window class
      (B) Web class
      (C) Page class
      (D) Form class
      (A) Response.Output.Write() allows you to buffer output
      (B) Response.Output.Write() allows you to write formatted output
      (C) Response.Output.Write() allows you to flush output
      (D) Response.Output.Write() allows you to stream output
      (A) ValidationExpression
      (B) InitialValue
      (C) ControlToCompare
      (D) ControlToValidate
      (A) Page_Load()
      (B) Page_Init()
      (C) Page_click()
      (A) The Paint() method
      (B) The Control_Build() method
      (C) The default constructor
      (D) The Render() method
      (A) SQLLCientAttribute
      (B) SQLPermission
      (C) SQLPermissionClient
      (D) SQLClientPermission
      (A) Performance Counters
      (B) Data Performance Counters
      (C) Web Performance Counters
      (D) Data Readers
      (A) Winforms
      (B) HTMLForms
      (C) Webforms
      (A) Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
      (B) Create("FileSystemObject")
      (C) Create Object:"Scripting.FileSystemObject"
      (D) Server.CreateObject("FileSystemObject")
      (A) It will stop the client process
      (B) It will stop the server process
      (C) None of the above