Test Status
      (A) Anonymous
      (B) Basic
      (C) Integrated Windows authentication
      (D) a and c
      (A) IsPostBack is a method of System.UI.Web.Page class
      (B) IsPostBack is a method of System.Web.UI.Page class
      (C) IsPostBack is a readonly property of System.Web.UI.Page class
      (A) EcmaScript
      (B) VBScript
      (C) PERL
      (D) JavaScript
      (A) Session Objects
      (B) application Objects
      (C) Viewstate
      (D) All of the above
      (A) Config files
      (B) Database
      (C) text file
      (D) session
      (A) Request.QueryString
      (B) Request.Form
      (C) Response.write
      (D) Response.writeln
      (A) Page_Init
      (B) Page_Load
      (C) Control events
      (D) Page_Unload events
      (A) Output Caching
      (B) DataCaching
      (C) a and b
      (D) none of the above
      (A) Application object
      (B) Session object
      (C) Response object
      (D) Server object
      (A) Server
      (B) Response
      (C) Collection
      (D) Request
      (A) InProcess
      (B) StateServer
      (C) Session Object
      (D) all of the above
      (A) Session object
      (B) Application object
      (C) Response object
      (D) Server object
      (A) Web System Description Language
      (B) Web Services Detail Language
      (C) Web Service Description Language
      (D) None
      (A) BeginExecute=true
      (B) MultiThreaded=true
      (C) MultipleActiveResultSets=true
      (D) Asynchronous=true
      (A) Event-driven
      (B) Static
      (C) Linear
      (D) Topdown
      (A) System.Web.UI
      (B) System.Web.SessionState
      (C) System.Web