Test Status
      (A) RegularExpressionValidator
      (B) CompareValidator
      (C) equals() method
      (D) RequiredFieldValidator
      (A) Clears all Headers from the buffer stream
      (B) Clears all the
      section value from rendered HTML File
      (C) Clears the content of the Rendered page
      (D) None of the above
      (A) InProc
      (B) StateServer
      (C) SQL Server
      (D) All of the above
      (A) Gets the Server's Machine Name
      (B) Gets the Referred Web site name on the server
      (C) Gets the Client Machine Name
      (D) None of the above
      (A) Include the authentication element.
      (B) Include the authorization element.
      (C) Include the identity element.
      (D) Include the deny element.
      (A) Datalist
      (B) DropdownList
      (C) Repeater
      (D) Datagrid
      (A) View state
      (B) Cookies
      (C) Hidden fields
      (D) Request object
      (A) Open the code-behind page and write the code.
      (B) Right-click the control and select Create Handler.
      (C) Drag an event handler from the Tool Box to the desired control.
      (D) Double-click the control.
      (A) ExecuteReader
      (B) ExecuteScalar
      (C) ExecuteStream
      (D) Open
      (A) < credential> element
      (B) < authentication> element
      (C) < identity> element
      (D) < authorization> element
      (A) Call the Show Control method on the Text Box.
      (B) Set the Visible Control to true on the Text Box.
      (C) Add the Text Box instance to the form1.Controls collection.
      (D) Execute the AddControl method on the Web page.
      (A) System.Data.Interfaces
      (B) System.Data.Common
      (C) System.Data
      (D) System.Data.Connection
      (A) requestQueue limit
      (B) maxWorkerThreads
      (C) maxIdThreads
      (D) All
      (A) Any DLL file used by an EXE file.
      (B) An Assembly containing localized resources for another assembly
      (C) A and B
      (D) None of the above