Test Status
      (A) Inproc
      (B) StateServer
      (C) SQLServer
      (D) None
      (A) a collection of values sent as cookies in a HTTP header
      (B) a collection of data sent with a submitted form
      (C) from client variables described from within an object
      (D) A and B
      (A) server
      (B) response
      (C) session
      (D) All of the above
      (A) MMC Event viewers
      (B) Performance logs
      (C) Alerts Snap-ins
      (D) ALL
      (A) server
      (B) session
      (C) request
      (D) response
      (A) Application Object
      (B) Session Object
      (C) Response Object
      (D) Request Object
      (A) session
      (B) request
      (C) server
      (D) response
      (A) < Credential>
      (B) < authentiation>
      (C) < authorization>
      (D) < identity>
      (A) Active Server Protocol
      (B) ActiveX Server Pages
      (C) Active Setup Pages
      (D) Active Server Pages
      (A) < credential>
      (B) < authorization>
      (C) < Identity>
      (D) < authentication>
      (A) Syntax error such as missing parentheses, comma or quotation mark.
      (B) Comments in your code are not tagged properly as comments.
      (C) Make sure function names have both opening and closing parentheses.
      (D) All of the above