Test Status
      (A) That all pages are saved in .asp extensions.
      (B) Check that the web server has Microsoft FrontPage extensions installed.
      (C) Make sure the web server is capable of hosting ASP pages.
      (D) Check the coding and be sure the ASP code is surrounded with <% and %>
      (A) DLLImport Attributes
      (B) ComVisible attributes
      (C) COM Interop
      (D) All
      (A) XmlConvert
      (B) XmlDocument
      (C) XmlNew
      (D) XmlSettings
      (A) Contact the ISP and have them switch the website to have ASP capability.
      (B) Have your ISP install the Microsoft FrontPage extensions
      (C) Develop a transition plan first that includes a step-by-step plan on every detail prior to contacting the ISP.
      (D) All the above
      (A) Use the ImageMap control and randomly select a HotSpot to show or hide.
      (B) Use the Image control to hold the image and a Calendar control to randomly select a date for each image to be displayed.
      (C) Use the AdServer control and create an XML file with configuration of the control.
      (D) Use an ImageButton control to predict randomness of the image to be loaded based on the clicks of the control.
      (A) ASP does not depend upon which browser the viewer is using.
      (B) ASP code does not show up in the source code; thus, the code is protected
      (C) ASP can easily interact with a database.
      (D) All of the above
      (A) Regression tests
      (B) Integration tests
      (C) Unit tests
      (D) Load test
      (A) A primary key must be defined on the DataTable objects
      (B) The DataSet schemas must match in order to merge
      (C) The destination DataSet must be empty prior to merging
      (D) A DataSet must be merged into the same DataSet that created it.
      (A) Viewstate can store anything
      (B) Viewstate can store onlys string
      (C) Viewstate can store only serilizable object
      (D) None
      (A) Client-side executable code(executes at the browser level)
      (B) Server side executable code (runs at the server only)
      (A) Cookies
      (B) Cache
      (C) Database
      (D) Global variable
      (A) TextWriterTraceListener
      (B) EventLogTraceListener
      (C) DefaultTraceListener
      (D) All the above
      (A) Page_Load
      (B) Event Handling
      (C) Page_Unload
      (D) Page_Init
      (A) page_laod event in aspx page
      (B) page_load event in code-behind
      (C) both will run simultaneously
      (D) None