Test Status
      (A) Returns the value and continues executing rest of the statements
      (B) Returns the value and stops the program
      (C) Returns the value and stops executing the function
      (D) Stops executing the function and returns the value
      (A) FileUpLoad
      (B) Function
      (C) File
      (D) Date
      (A) One
      (B) Two
      (C) Three
      (D) Four
      (A) for, foreach
      (B) foreach, while
      (C) do-while, foreach
      (D) for, while, do-while
      (A) text==pattern
      (B) text.equals(pattern)
      (C) text.test(pattern)
      (D) pattern.test(text)
      (A) isDefaultPrevented( )
      (B) isPropagationStopped( )
      (C) isImmediatePropagationStopped( )
      (D) None of the above.
      (A) ["agra", "akot", "aligarh", "delhi"]
      (B) ["delhi", "agra", "akot", "aligarh"]
      (C) ["aligarh", "agra", "akot", "delhi"]
      (D) ["akot", "agra", "delhi", "aligarh"]
      (A) Dough
      (B) Session
      (C) Dazzler
      (D) None of these
      (A) removes the first element
      (B) removes the last element
      (C) adds the element to the array at the first position
      (D) adds the element to the array at the last position
      (A) .hover()
      (B) stopPropagation()
      (C) .toggle()
      (D) .trigger()
      (A) The User's machine running a Web browser
      (B) The Web server
      (C) A central machine deep within Netscape's corporate offices
      (D) None of the above