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Php Interview
2 ways-
(a) sizeof($urarray) This function is an alias of count()
(b) count($urarray)
Though i am not sure if this is wrong or not, With the exif extension you are able to work with image meta data.
bool is_numeric ( mixed var) Returns TRUE if var is a number or a numeric string, FALSE otherwise.or use isNaN(mixed var)The isNaN() function is used to check if a value is not a number.
You can maintain two separate language file for each of thelanguage. all the labels are putted in both language files as variablesand assign those variables in the PHP source. on runtime choose therequired language option.
Abstract class: abstract classes are the class where one or moremethods are abstract but not necessarily all method has to be abstract.Abstract methods are the methods, which are declare in its class but notdefine. The definition of those methods must be in its extending class.Interface: Interfaces are one type of class where all the methods areabstract. That means all the methods only declared but not defined. Allthe methods must be define by its implemented class.
JavaScript does not have any networking capabilities as it isdesigned to work on client site. As a result we can not send mails usingJavaScript. But we can call the client side mail protocol mailtovia JavaScript to prompt for an email to send. this requires the clientto approve it.
The syntex for repairing a MySQL table isREPAIR TABLENAME, [TABLENAME, ], [Quick],[Extended]This command will repair the table specified if the quick is given theMySQL will do a repair of only the index tree if the extended is givenit will create index row by row
MySQL set can take zero or more values but at the maximum it cantake 64 values