Test Status
      (A) TestFixtureAttribute
      (B) TestClassAttribute
      (C) TestAttribute
      (D) NUnitTestClassAttribute
      (A) Overloading
      (B) Multiplexing
      (C) Duplexing
      (D) Loading
      (A) int[][] myArray;
      (B) int[,] myArray;
      (C) System.Array[2] myArray;
      (D) int[2] myArray;
      (A) Legacy
      (B) Managed Code
      (C) Unmanaged
      (D) Native Code
      (A) declarative syntax of Java
      (B) properties of c#
      (C) events Of c#
      (D) A collection of files that appear to the programmer to be a single DLL or EXE.
      (A) System.Int8
      (B) System.Int16
      (C) System.Int32
      (D) System.Int64
      (A) Integer only
      (B) Date, Integer and String
      (C) only string
      (D) Date and Integer
      (A) string strPath="c:\\abc.txt";
      (B) string strPath=@"c:\abc.txt";
      (C) string strPath="c:/abc.txt";
      (D) All of these
      (A) external protect
      (B) internal protect
      (C) protect
      (D) internal
      (A) contain the same methods as the interface
      (B) inherit the properties of the interface
      (C) create an interface object
      (D) all of the above
      (A) System.Object
      (B) System.Base
      (C) System.Root
      (D) System.Parent