.Net FAQ's
.Net Faq's
String keyword is an alias for Syste.String class. Therefore, System.String and string keyword are the same, and you can use whichever naming convention you 
prefer. The String class provides many methods for safely creating, manipulating, and comparing strings.
There are three types of Caching :
Output Caching: stores the responses from an asp.net page.
Fragment Caching: Only caches/stores the portion of page (User Control)
Data Caching: is Programmatic way to Cache objects for performance.
Custom Controls are compiled code (Dlls), easier to use, difficult to create, and can be placed in toolbox. Drag and Drop controls. Attributes can be set 
visually at design time. Can be used by Multiple Applications (If Shared Dlls), Even if Private can copy to bin directory of web application add reference and use. Normally designed to provide common functionality independent of consuming Application. User Controls are similar to those of ASP include files, easy to create, can not be placed in the toolbox and dragged - dropped from it. A User Control is shared among the single application files.
A method is a member that implements a computation or action that can be performed by an object or class. Static methods are accessed through the class.
Instance methods are accessed through instances of the class.
A field is a variable that is associated with a class or with an instance of a class.
An event is a member that enables a class or object to provide notifications. An event is declared like a field except that the declaration includes an event 
keyword and the type must be a delegate type.
Literals are value constants assigned to variables in a program. C# supports several types of literals are 
Integer literals
Real literals
Boolean literals
Single character literals
String literals
Backslash character literals
Value types are stored on the stack and when a value of a variable is assigned to another variable.
Reference types are stored on the heap, and when an assignment between two reference variables occurs.
C# is a simple and powerful programming language for writing enterprise edition applications.
This is a hybrid of C++ and VB. It retains many C++ features in the area statements,expressions, and operators and incorporated the productivity of VB.
C# helps the developers to easily build the web services that can be used across the Internet through any language, on any platform.
C# helps the developers accomplishing with fewer lines of code that will lead to the fewer errors in the code.
C# introduces the considerable improvement and innovations in areas such as type safety, versioning. events and garbage collections.